Markets we serve

Incisive Insight

The Insight division serves the global financial services, insurance and financial technology markets, and the regulators and service providers who operate within them.

Our market-leading B2B information services brands provide research, analysis and insight around three key information drivers: regulation, market complexity and technology. We turn complex information into invaluable business insights that drive a return on investment for our customers.

Markets Overview

Incisive Insight delivers research, analysis and insight in three key industry sectors, each of which is growing. We have positioned ourselves and our brands as the undisputed leaders in the Risk, Financial technology and Insurance markets.

Our customers trust our market-leading brands to provide them with insight that informs business-critical decisions, to engage them with industry peers and provide learning opportunities at our events, as well as to connect buyers and sellers, enabling both to improve their business return on investment.


The global market for risk, currently estimated at £12tn and encompassing 4,500 firms, increases in importance each day. The market becomes ever more complex, with increased regulatory burden and fines, and constant technological changes around risk IT and compliance.

  • Regulation: It is critically important that the buy- and sell-side understand the impact of new regulations, and that central banks and regulators know how their policies are being implemented.

  • Market complexity: As regulations and policies change, and products and services shift and adapt, so do the places where money is made and lost. Quants, traders, risk managers and senior management teams need detailed analysis and insight to navigate their firms safely through turbulent times.

  • Technology: Firms who get technology right improve compliance, generate costs savings and gain competitive advantage. Those getting it wrong are left with spiralling technology costs, fines for non-compliance, and are uncompetitive. With new technology products on the market each and every day, risk, compliance and technology professionals rely on our products for decision support.

These three information drivers, along with many more, fall under the risk management umbrella, covered by our, Central Banking and Chartis brands. They cannot be viewed in isolation by firms, which is why risk management links politicians, regulators, banks, technology vendors and investors. It animates the global financial markets and the landscape is always shifting.

Financial technology

Our financial technology brands focus on how capital markets firms are using technology and data to underpin every aspect of their day-to-day operations. Given the need for compliance around executed trades, the threat of cyber risk, and the increased regulatory environment, it is clear why financial technology goes hand in hand with risk management.

As data volumes continue to grow, chief data officers need to understand how their peers are managing, structuring and integrating data, how they are improving its quality and how they are reporting on it. Given the large budgets involved, market and reference data specialists seek and value the independent analysis and insight we provide.

As disruptive technologies emerge and existing technologies continue to evolve, there is a real need for clarity about which platforms to invest in. Our customers rely on us to inform them how financial technology is changing, and how buy- and sell-side firms select, buy and integrate technology and manage the risks involved.


The insurance market is in a period of significant upheaval, which makes trusted insight and analysis business critical for those charting the path of their organisations. Similar to both risk management and financial technology, insurance faces a set of challenges that hinge around the three key information drivers of regulation, market complexity and technology.

Solvency II governance and risk management requirements, along with enhanced supervision for Global Systematically Important Insurers (G-SIIs) has increased the regulatory burden on insurers. And the complexity of the market is ever-increasing, as actuaries model the risk of an aging population with savings and pensions deficits, assess global natural catastrophes, political risk and fraud in an ever-more uncertain world.

Alongside this, new technology platforms are changing the role and need for intermediaries in many insurance transactions, while the impact of driverless cars on the motor insurance market remains unclear. In such uncertain times, insurers and brokers need trusted insight, which is why they turn to InsurancePost, which has been providing detailed intelligence since 1846.