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The Incisive Media Foundation raises £265,000 for charities CHICKS, EdUKaid and Place2Be


Money raised for Incisive’s charities in 2013 exceeds previous year’s figure

The Incisive Media Foundation has achieved record success in 2013, raising well over £265,000 for its three partner charities – CHICKS, Place2Be and EdUKaid. Launched in 2010, the Foundation raises funds across Incisive Media’s large portfolio of client events, as well as internally among its staff, to support charities that aim to improve education and career opportunities among disadvantaged children in the UK and Tanzania.

The preliminary total for 2013 represents a 42% increase on the total raised in 2012 and comes as the Foundation continues to grow its support among Incisive Media’s staff and clients. Funds are distributed on a quarterly basis to the three partner charities and put towards a wide range of activities and projects, which are regularly reported back to the Foundation.

One of the biggest successes of 2013 was the purchase of two minibuses for CHICKS to transport disadvantaged children to and from the week-long respite breaks that are at the core of its activities. The donation of the new minibuses was made possible by the extraordinary generosity of guests at the Hedge Funds Review Awards, who raised a total of nearly £60,000.

International charity partner EdUKaid, which has been supported by the Foundation for nearly three years, has also made exceptional progress this year as a result of funds raised at Incisive Media events. Having already renovated four primary schools in Tanzania in previous years, it recently completed the refurbishment of its headquarters to create a fit-for-purpose facility that will be used as a local centre for training and development of its staff and volunteers.

Place2Be, which provides school-based mental health support in the UK, used two donations from Incisive Media to expand its services in three of the schools it supports in London and Scotland – Brent Furness Primary School, Oakington Manor Primary School and Oakwood Primary School in Glasgow.

Support for the three charities has not been restricted solely to the raising of funds. Incisive Media staff have also given support in numerous other ways, lending design and publishing expertise to the charities, participating in sponsored activities, and volunteering with CHICKS on its week-long respite breaks for disadvantaged children.

“The Incisive Media Foundation is proud to have partnered with three charities in 2013, Chicks, EdUKaid and Place2be, which seek to improve the educational prospects and literacy of children in the UK and Africa. Improving the quality of education provided is proven to power the success of future generations. We are delighted the generosity of our professional sector audiences and staff has enabled us to provide significant financial support and expertise to three highly worthy causes. I’m enormously proud of what the Incisive Media Foundation Team have achieved in making such a difference to so many people through our charitable efforts and look forward to raising the total further in 2014,” says Tim Weller, founder and chief executive of Incisive Media.


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