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Winners in the spotlight at Incisive Media Awards


It was a night of double triumph for product manager Thomas Lake at the Incisive Media Awards at The Troxy on 21 January.

Thomas, pictured (left) with CEO Tim Weller, claimed the title of UK Employee of the Year and then topped that a few moments later when he stepped back into the spotlight as Incisive Media Employee of the Year, beating colleagues from London, New York and Hong to the coveted title. Thomas was project manager for the transformation of

The testimonial from John Barnes, managing director of Incisive Insight, summed up Thomas’s qualities and contribution: “Despite his modesty Tom is a brilliant product manager because he is very aware of the trends and technologies in the market, and is able to thoughtfully translate their value into tools and services or practical changes or new ways of working.  He has worked tirelessly and effectively with all the teams across the division to understand their needs (and frustrations!) … He is a brilliant interface between the possibilities of technology and the practicalities of the business”.

Another double winner was Professional Pensions, which claimed both the Editorial Team of the Year and Sales Team of the Year awards. Other key award winners were Insurance Age which was crowned Brand of the Year and the project to take all of Incisive’s websites to the next level of mobile capability which was named as Project of the Year.

Chief Executive Tim Weller also gave a special Chief Executive’s Award for Outstanding Achievement to Fiona Paterson, Group Head of Events Operations. He told the hushed audience why she deserved this special accolade.

“As you know we don’t give out this award every year, because it is given to an individual who has genuinely made an outstanding contribution to the company’s success, often over many years.

“This year I have decided there is an individual who I would like to recognise for their contribution, through giving them this award.

“They have worked for Incisive Media for more than 13 years during which time they have been a stalwart of our fantastic Central Events Management Team. Over the years Incisive Media has saved millions of pounds through this person’s tough negotiation skills. They have trained their team to be like Rottweilers with venues and suppliers, leaving no stone unturned in their quest to get us the best possible deals across each and every one of our 400-plus, events per year.

“Under this person’s leadership our Event Operations team has grown to be the best in the industry – an award-winning team that is the envy of our competitors.

“And, most importantly, this person is the reason you are all here tonight as she has organised all 12 Incisive Media Awards – all of which have been absolutely brilliant”.

The entire audience was on its feet cheering as Fiona collected the award from Tim.


The Incisive Media Awards showcase the company’s top performing people, brands and projects over the previous year with 400 staff from the London offices applauding their success and partying the night away with staff from New York and Hong Kong watching from afar and cheering as their brands and people emerged as winners of highly commended entries.

The awards also embrace Incisive’s North American and Asia offices, their brands and people and there were plenty of winners in both New York and Hong Kong among more than 50 winners and highly commended entries.

Tim Weller also praised the work of the Incisive Media Foundation which raises money to support charities working in the fields of literacy and education: “One of the top highlights of the past year for me was seeing the Incisive Media Foundation sail past the £1m mark for the amount it has raised for some wonderful charities over the last five years. That is something we should all be enormously proud of. On your behalf I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to make the Foundation a great success story.

“We don’t want to rest on our laurels and stop at £1m. We want to push on and to do that we need you – every one of you – to ask what can you do for the Foundation.

“Let’s make sure the Foundation goes from strength to strength”.



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