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History of IT

Computing’s interactive infographic charts the major steps in technology

To celebrate key developments in IT over the last 40 years along with a light-hearted look at the future, Computing created an interactive infographic for its readers. Key events in hardware, software and the internet are plotted along a timeline along with major current affairs events which give clear reference points in time.

Each key event has its own uniquely designed icon, with events as diverse as Tim Berners Lee’s creation of the world wide web, to the launch of the ZX81, the first computer virus, and the original royal wedding between Charles and Diana.

Users were encouraged to engage with the infographic by choosing their favourite moment by clicking on its representative icon. Each voting click enlarged the icon, so over time, Computing’s readers made the key moments and their relative importance clear to all, with the top five ranked and updated live. Users were also encouraged to engage socially; clicking on an icon to register a vote opened a Twitter window with a pre-populated message: ‘I voted for my favourite moment in IT #. . . . what’s yours? (link) #historyofIT’.

The infographic served a dual purpose of celebrating 40 years of Computing, the longest serving brand for IT professionals in the UK, and Intel’s own long presence in the market by highlighting key Intel product developments and their powerful contribution to the evolution of IT. The hashtag trended on Twitter and the infographic won two IAC awards: Best B2B Social Media Campaign, and Best Technology Social Media Campaign.