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Incisive Media and Google Doubleclick

Google and Incisive Media work together to manage digital ad campaigns

Incisive Media has always had a strong relationship with Google Doubleclick, the technology platform that manages the display advertising campaigns across our digital properties.

New advances in online behavioural tracking and the collection of audience data are fuelling the growth of programmatic trading of display ads. Incisive Media leads the way in business to business publishing.

This new form of data collection is enhanced by our expertise in building and maintaining specialist audiences. The technology is creating new opportunities to reach our communities of professionals across multiple networks.

Google has created a short video showcasing Incisive Media’s innovation in embracing these new technologies. Although the technology is new, our expertise and our mission remains the same: Connecting and engaging defined communities of professionals through a network of market-leading brands. Click on the image to view the video.